FRC Software Notes for 2019

Software Notes, Tips, & Tricks for 2019 FRC Session

Swerve Drive Profile
Swerve Drive Profile

This page is just a holding place for all things software related for Benzene Bots and the FRC 2019 session.

Currently, the main link for installing the software needed to program the robot is located here.

Just for reference, here is a link which goes over the history of the WPILib library, who they are, and how they go about building the WPILib library package for FIRST.

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Benzene Bots at 2018 Michigan States

Benzene Bots team performed great at the Michigan State Championship. As a result, our team moved up in the ranking and we’re now ranked 70th out of 500+ teams in Michigan. Our team made to the finals in our division. We were the eight seed alliance caption.

BB MI States Alliance
BB MI States Alliance

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EKGAR – Bill of Materials

Parts List (Bill of Materials or BOM) for EKGAR
Description Name Qty Cost Total Ali Cost
Main CPU ESP32 Dev Board 1 $12.00 $12.00  $7.60
Hub Axles 1/4-20 Cap Head Bolt 3 1/2″ 12 $0.36 $4.33
Hub Washer 1/4″ SAE Zink Plated  12  $0.02  $0.19
Motor Driver L298N Dual H Bridge  2  $8.00  $16.00  $1.52
 Battery Holder  Six AA Battery Pack  1  $2.08  $2.08  $0.80
 Ultrasonic  Ultrasonic Range Sensor  1  $12.00  $12.00  $1.08
 Sensor Servo  SG90 Micro Servo Motor  1  $1.70  $1.70  $1.13
 Alum. Base  6061 Aluminum 7.5″x12″  1  $5.90  $5.90
 Small Screw  4-40 Cap Head Screw x 1/2″  24  $0.04  $0.92
Small Nut 4-40 Nut  24  $0.01  $0.24

Distance Measurement using VL6180X & ESP32

This post is just to document using a VL6180X Satellite module to measure distance to a range of 100mm (about 4 inches).

The VL6180X Datasheet can be found here and the VL6180X Satellite can be found here.

VL6180X Satellite
VL6180X Satellite

The VL6180X Satellites come in a little package from ST Micro.  Inside are two identical VL6180X modules.  Each module has a voltage regulator, a bunch of passive parts, and the VL6180X chip.

Here are a couple things to know about the chip:

  • Communicates using i2c.
  • Operates on 2.7V (hence the regulator).
  • Has a range of 100mm (about 4 inches).
  • Can output ambient light levels and distance at about 10Hz.
  • There are ready made libraries available inside the Arduino IDE.  Simply search for the libraries using the keyword “VL6180X”.  Adafruit, among others, should pop right up.  This post uses the library from Pololu that can be found here.  Note, it is simpler to use the library manager inside the Arduino IDE to install this software, as compared to, installing using the provided link.

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