Useful Links

  • FIRST Web Site: This is a link to the official FIRST web site.  This is the place to go to setup your FIRST account.  This is a requirement for every student.

  • OCCRA: “Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association” is a fall competition for just Oakland County schools.  The competition is run in the fall and is kind of a mini FIRST.

  • Calendars: The first link below is to the official Benzene Bots Google calendar.  The second calendar is the school calendar for IA East.

  • Slack: We use Slack as a communication tool.  Simply send an email to “” and ask for an invite to Slack.  Everyone should get on slack and create an account.  Once created, Slack can be viewed through a web site or on a smart phone.  Parents and Mentors are encouraged to get on Slack too.

  • ChiefDelphi:  This a online forum for both FIRST and OCCRA.  This is the mother of all FRC forums.  By last count there were 31,000 threads with over half a million posts!  And that’s just in the “General Discussion” area.  Posting a question usually gets answered within minutes!

  • Github: This site provides revision control for all the teams software and CAD files.  Github can also be used to manage other files too.  As an example, all the chairman’s award files could be placed on Github so that revisions to all the file can be tracked.

  • WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) is the go-to place for everything software related.  When your ready to install Eclipse and C++ this is where you go.

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