FRC Software Notes for 2019

Software Notes, Tips, & Tricks for 2019 FRC Session

Swerve Drive Profile
Swerve Drive Profile

This page is just a holding place for all things software related for Benzene Bots and the FRC 2019 session.

Currently, the main link for installing the software needed to program the robot is located here.

Just for reference, here is a link which goes over the history of the WPILib library, who they are, and how they go about building the WPILib library package for FIRST.


“Pathfinder is a robotic motion library, with logic for motion profiling, path planning and more.”  In other words, Pathfinder is a library for the RoboRIO that a few way-points and generates a ton of trajectory points.  The trajectory points are feed to the TalonSRX motor controllers during autonomous so that the robot moves thru spline curves.  This has the effect of beautiful curve paths that can move the robot quickly to a desired location on the field.


“PathWeaver is an under-development front end motion planning program. It is primarily designed for FRC teams using Pathfinder v1. PathWeaver will be available for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition game with support for Pathfinder v2.”

PathWeaver will be used to develop and edit the desired paths used during autonomous mode.  This is a Java program that runs on a laptop.

Here is a link to the PathWeaver GitHub site.

TalonSRX Motor Control & Phoenix Library

Here is a link to the Phoenix Library documentation on GitHub.  This is a getting started guild on GitHub. Here is a link to the online HTML docs.

Here is a link to download the latest TalonSRX software PDF reference manual.

Here is a link to download the latest TalonSRX Motion profile PDF manual.

Software examples for the TalonSRX can be found here on this link.







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