Benzene Bots at 2018 Michigan States

Benzene Bots team performed great at the Michigan State Championship. As a result, our team moved up in the ranking and we’re now ranked 70th out of 500+ teams in Michigan. Our team made to the finals in our division. We were the eight seed alliance caption. After picking two other teams as our alliance … Continue reading “Benzene Bots at 2018 Michigan States”

EKGAR – Bill of Materials

Parts List (Bill of Materials or BOM) for EKGAR Description Name Qty Cost Total Ali Cost Main CPU ESP32 Dev Board 1 $12.00 $12.00  $7.60 Hub Axles 1/4-20 Cap Head Bolt 3 1/2″ 12 $0.36 $4.33 Hub Washer 1/4″ SAE Zink Plated  12  $0.02  $0.19 Motor Driver L298N Dual H Bridge  2  $8.00  $16.00  $1.52 … Continue reading “EKGAR – Bill of Materials”

Distance Measurement using VL6180X & ESP32

This post is just to document using a VL6180X Satellite module to measure distance to a range of 100mm (about 4 inches). The VL6180X Datasheet can be found here and the VL6180X Satellite can be found here. The VL6180X Satellites come in a little package from ST Micro.  Inside are two identical VL6180X modules.  Each … Continue reading “Distance Measurement using VL6180X & ESP32”

Useful Links

FIRST Web Site: This is a link to the official FIRST web site.  This is the place to go to setup your FIRST account.  This is a requirement for every student. OCCRA: “Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association” is a fall competition for just Oakland County schools.  The competition is run in the fall and … Continue reading “Useful Links”